operations management

The Sherwood G. Wilson Group

Sherwood Wilson, Ph.D. has more than 40 years of experience in operations management.

He's an influencer in higher education, working with contractors and partners in a university environment for much of his career, and can help you manage issues in mission-critical operations.

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Support Operations

For colleges and universities, towns and cities, corporations, and government agencies.

Strategic Leadership, Management and Organizational Solutions

Tap into the knowledge derived from over 40 years in leadership positions.

Manage Facilities

Master planning, facilities operations, construction, and real estate should be optimized to function at the speed of life.

Public/Private Partnerships

Work with a professional who has a proven track record leading P3 initiatives.

Optimum solutions for mission critical operations

Specializing in:

    • Facilities operations and master planning
    • Leadership, management, and organizational solutions
    • Public safety and emergency management
    • Real estate and construction administration
    • Transportation, including general aviation

Resume and Experience

Previously, Wilson served as Vice President for Operations at Virginia Tech where he was responsible for oversight and management of all of the university’s safety and security operations and physical resources. Wilson is a veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees, serving from 1973-77 and again from 1990-91 during operation Desert Storm.

Mission Critical Operations

Strengthen public and private partnerships


years of experience


major capital construction projects, totalling $1.1 billion and 2.4 million sq.ft.


major colleges and universities worked with during career