Sherwood manages a very complex and diverse organization skillfully, and with a relatively modest budget. He is deadline and budget driven. He makes difficult decisions in a timely manner. He rapidly and completely communicates new and important information needed by others to make decisions. Sherwood collaborates across boundaries, and he is truly inspired and motivated by the long-term vision for Virginia Tech that has emerged from ‘Beyond Boundaries.’”

Timothy D. Sands

President, Virginia Tech

I am impressed with Sherwood’s leadership in managing the change process in HR, despite the fact that the outcome is likely to move elements of this function out of his direct sphere of responsibility. Sherwood has also been working hard to change institutional culture in units that had deteriorated prior to his return to Virginia Tech… His work in leading the Master Plan process is also exceptional. He has been willing to break the mold, and deal with unexpected issues that arise when a new path is taken.”

Virginia Tech Peer

He is able to communicate clearly and concisely. He works to build consensus. He is well respected because of his honesty and integrity. He always involves the appropriate people to work toward resolution/accomplishment of desired goals.”

External Collaborator

Dr. Wilson has the ability to bring others to consensus on challenging issues; he does so by making sure that all parties understand the issues at hand, and leading the thought processes to formalize a plan of action. His personal character and credibility, along with his demonstrated ability to exercise good common sense on difficult issues, earn him the respect of his peers at the university and in the community.”

External Collaborator

One of Dr. Wilson’s strengths is building consensus and collaboration; he quickly identifies the critical issue(s) in a situation, and works with others to develop a plan of action that is achievable. If the plan that is developed contains challenges/obstacles, Sherwood is quick to identify those areas and help develop a plan to address them.”

External Collaborator

* Testimonials from spring 2017 periodic performance review at Virginia Tech.