The Sherwood G. Wilson Group, LLC is excited to announce the commencement of a contract with Montgomery County, Virginia to provide organizational and management assessments, as well as related corrective plans and training support to various County departments. We would welcome the opportunity to expand the use of this contract to other public bodies across Virginia.

We understand that strong leadership is key to producing and maintaining highly effective and efficient teams. As a result, we seek to advise public leaders and senior talent on strategy, specific practices, organizational structures, training opportunities, and other improvements that will build a strong customer service culture and provide the best experience for localities and citizens across the Commonwealth.

Our principal, Dr. Sherwood G. Wilson, has more than 40 years of experience successfully managing mission critical operations. He is an influencer across public service in Southwest Virginia, with a strong reputation for leading high performing divisions with more than 300 employees, establishing and managing public and public-private partnerships, and working with contractors and partners in a university environment and across other community relations activities over much of his career. He has led facilities, construction, business, human resources, safety and security, and financial operations in private, local authority, and higher education sectors. Perhaps most importantly, Sherwood approaches leadership from a service and customer-centric standpoint, quickly driving to the heart of why a business unit exists and what can be done to help the employees in that team better meet the needs of their customers.

We are confident we  can assist your agency with a variety of effective organizational and management services, and thus are very enthusiastic about this opportunity. We look forward to continuing the conversation and answering any questions you may have.


Sherwood G. Wilson, Ph.D.